Arts Advocacy Friday!

This AMAZING ARTICLE was given to me by a colleague this past week and it really inspired me. In San Bernadino’s Barton Elementary school, students are learning in exciting ways through the arts. “Each school is assigned a high-profile artist, musician or entertainer — Kerry Washington, Chuck Close, Yo-Ya Ma and Jason Mraz to name… Continue reading Arts Advocacy Friday!

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10 Steps to having an Amazing Art Show

10. Have students choose their own piece. This requires a lot of in class preparation. I remember my first couple years of teaching where I wouldn’t even want my kids to “waste” class time making portfolios. What a mistake! I adore seeing kids gather their work, be reflective about their experience this year in class,… Continue reading 10 Steps to having an Amazing Art Show

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Arts Advocacy Friday: Check this out!

Sometimes we wonder if art is appreciated in our culture….especially when we oftentimes have to defend the arts in public forums, school committee meetings and among colleagues. This week’s arts advocacy Friday features an article about how Harvard ( yes, Haaaaarvard), along with Yale and other Ivy Leagues are requiring medical students to study paintings… Continue reading Arts Advocacy Friday: Check this out!