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Arts Advocacy Friday: Check this out!

Sometimes we wonder if art is appreciated in our culture….especially when we oftentimes have to defend the arts in public forums, school committee meetings and among colleagues.

This week’s arts advocacy Friday features an article about how Harvard ( yes, Haaaaarvard), along with Yale and other Ivy Leagues are requiring medical students to study paintings and play instruments to support their learning.

“Efforts like these don’t aim to make doctors into artists, said Dr. Kenneth Ludmerer, a professor of medicine at Washington University School of Medicine who studies the history of medicine. They are “a tool to help doctors understand people and their conditions.” They help doctors see beyond the disease, the “narrow biological aspect,” to the illness, which includes anxiety, fear, and the whole human experience of being sick, he said.”

I know, pretty cool, huh?

Check it out!

Then share it with your colleagues!!!!

Do you have a favorite arts advocacy article to share? Email me please….I live for this!


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