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5 Art Teacher Must Dos over Summer Vacation

1.Travel and see Art 

You worked hard all year…..get yourself to a museum! There are so many wonderful ones…..find a place to go, grab a sketchbook and meander through the space.



2. Make your Own Art

I find that sometimes I need some space from art supplies for about a week….and then I crave some serious studio time. Sign up for a class, or professional development, or not. Get out there and create!!!!!


3. Collect!

We never stop thinking about our classrooms. Maybe you are on the beach and you want to collect some rocks for your classroom. Maybe you want to collect some recyclables from your neighbor for that great papier-mache project. Maybe it is a few new books. Enjoy collecting some new finds to get you excited about a new year!


4. Listen to some TED Talks

This is a wonderful way to motivate yourself to get excited about the school year. Almost like training for a marathon, you need to psych yourself up with some great TED talks. A list of my faves coming soon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.47.43 PM

5. Plan, Pinterest and TpT!

Start a basic sketch of your curriculum map for the upcoming school year. Reflect on what worked for you this year, and what was not so great. Hop on Pinterest and pin away some inspirational ideas. Even better, check out my Teachers Pay Teachers site and grab some new things for your classroom!


What do you do during the summer that inspires your teaching?


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