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FFF: Regina’s Big Mistake

Happy Friday Friends!

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 12.05.41 PM

Here is one of my favorite finds ever….such an oldie that I remember bringing on my job interviews as a resource to share. I feel that Regina’s Big Mistake by Marissa Moss is such a good one, that I read it to every single class on the first day of school. I ask my students how they could change a mistake and how they would approach it. We make mistake lines and think about what we could change them into just like Regina.

The book has other important aspects to it as well….I teach in a very diverse school and I value that this book has a main character of color along with a diverse population of the teacher and classmates too. It is important to me that my students see themselves in the curriculum, in our books, our visuals and more.  The message of the book also sets the perfect tone for art class- we love mistakes, growing and learning from setbacks and how to switch our thinking to think like an artist and use our creativity.

I love Regina and my guess is you do too! What is your absolute favorite book?


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