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How to Remember how your Students did in class


Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 10.43.48 AM


Do you ever have a classroom teacher ask you at the end of the day…how were my kids today?  Eeeek! If you are like me, you probably see over 100 students a day and tend to….forget the small details.

This year I wanted to solve this problem….and I realized that ever since I became a mom I know that I need to have write stuff down! So I create a reflection sheet that I keep as my notes. I can reference it for progress reports, conversations with colleagues and families too.  This is a perfect way to have date about our students and a way to remember who did what and when.

I really love to support my students either way, but I love to celebrate when a child is thriving and communicate that with families! This reflection helps me do just that. Maybe you will download it and it will help you too?

Check it out in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and get the FREE DOWNLOAD!

Do you have strategies for how to keep track of behavior for your students and keep yourself sane?



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