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Top 10 Reasons Being an Art Teacher is the Best Job in the Building

Being an art teacher is a unique position. I think we are the luckiest in the whole school. Thinking about becoming an art teacher? Do it! Here’s why…

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10. Schools are more intense than ever where kids are being asked to show grit in a time of rigor.  The art room can (and should) act as a place of respite from a day that can be stressful and the art room can provide calm and joy! The art room is also a place where children know that it is safe to make a mistake and have it celebrated. Art educators are growth mindset gurus- this is what we live for!
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9. We get to see children grow over many years. We teach so many children.  Children grow before our eyes and we become part of their lives and they become part of ours for years. In addition, we grow with them and we also get to have a break from the kids. While the art room can feel like an ever revolving door of kids, that can be a blessing. Having a challenge with a certain child who will not get through that funk? Don’t worry, by next week it will often be resolved (most of the time).
8.  Teaching children to work through problems and think both critically and creatively is truly preparing our future.  While schools are very devoted and centered on literacy and math skills (with a healthy dose of STEM if you are lucky…but let’s go with STEAM please), the arts are a place where children are engaging in the very important work and play (dare I say!) that our future leaders need in an ever-changing dynamic and creative workplace and world.
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7. We can walk down the hallway wearing an apron, or even have a paint stain on our shirts and we look like we are doing our job and being hard at work, not like a total nut.
6. We know everyone (happen to love this aspect in particular). I love seeing how the whole school functions and how I can contribute to school culture and bring people together when I see connections and opportunities.
5. We are basically like grandparents. While we don’t get to have immediate consequences, and we do need to communicate what happens when the kids are with us indeed. However ultimately the enormity of a child’s overall educational journey is not in our hands alone but rather we get to be part of the team. Yes we may have hundreds of grandchildren but I wouldn’t want it any other way.
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4. The variety that lies with teaching art keeps things interesting. Each day is different in teaching in general but within visual art we get to draw, paint, print, collage and build with many materials and even combine all of them!
3. If you are blessed to have a department of art teachers you can meet with and learn from…they are the coolest and most vibrant team of colleagues you’ll meet.
2. We are famous, practically. Walking down the hallway is like being a celebrity and the supermarket? Forget it. Our students are so sweet!
1. Art is fun. Teaching it is magic.

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