Classroom Management

How do you divide your classroom?

I love going to my art department meetings and seeing my colleague’s art rooms. While I am blessed with the most beautiful studio classroom I have ever seen (lots of advocating behind that move!), I always learn so much from the way a room looks and is set up.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 3.48.11 PM.pngHere is a window into how I start to divide my space…

I start with signage (buy it in my new TpT store!)….I give a title of what each is space is for kids and then an explanation on how to use it. Kids feel a sense of home in the art room and are empowered to use the space as their own- it is the kid’s art studio, not mine!

Each space is for the kids, including my desk (unless I am sitting there). My back room is the space where I have the grown up tools like the paper cutter and stuff like that.

My favorite space to feature is my “calming station.” My school is ah-mazing and full of talented people. My colleagues worked hard to create a program with zones of regulation that work so well! If your school does not use this, get on board!  In my calming station I have tools that students can use when they are not ready to work on our project.  Most of the time, students go there with teacher redirection, but on occasion, students ask to go there when they know they cannot get it together. How empowering is that?! Here is a photo of mine:


Full of tools that help them like these:

-Liquid timer

-Magnetic designer

-other brain toys


I also love the space I have for “alone spots.” This is also a tool that students are either invited by me or choose to go. It is never a punishment, it is more like a vacation spot! I was always a big talker (I still am) and an alone spot was surely invented out of my own need for space. I was a kid who went to art class and was so excited that I sometimes got in my own way of my artmaking. Sometimes we all just need some alone time.

How do you divide and organize your art room? Comment below, I am so curious!


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