Kindergarten Gardens

Kindergarten students can be so young and so old, all at the same time…..and now that I am a mom to a rising kindergarten lady, my perspective is shifting even more!  By January, students in my classroom have practiced routines and are ready for our first big project.  In the New England winters we have, it is a warm welcome to have a lovely garden to create, full of color!

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 4.27.17 PM.pngThis lesson is partly about teaching bleeding off the page, partly learning about horizon lines, and a whole lot about organizing color.   I teach my students to organize the page using a clear horizon line and then five or six lines that we double!


Then we add flowers! We think about height, shape (pointy or curvy?) and consider overlapping.


And then the coloring begins! So Fun! I like Crayola oil pastels in the array of colors because each color has about 4 shades…..perfect for teaching monochromatic colors!


Then I like to use watercolor refills (in many colors, but not green) to control the plain one color sky and we laugh about how we cannot share, which kindergarteners crack up about! How often do we give this advice? Then we have a funny conversation about what we cannot share….such as sneakers, toothbrushes, etc. I do love a sweet kindergarten conversation in my life.




Once the paintings are done, we are  able to look and enjoy each other’s beautiful work! Families love these paintings so much….one year I had a family make this project’s painting into a blanket for the child’s bed….this felt like the ultimate compliment for the child (and me too!).  See below for an example of one year we made these, they are all different and beautiful.


Want the lesson? Download it for free here in my TpT store!  Also, please please please share my new blog with colleagues and friends and FOLLOW me! I am so glad you are here.


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