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FREE DOWNLOAD! Portfolio Drawings: How We Start and End the Year

Can you imagine having your first and last day planned for the rest of your teaching career starting….now?  Well, stick with me, kid…..’cause I got your back.

Every year at my school, students are invited to draw a person, an animal, a building and a machine. This a way for students to have their own progress reports of their drawings in a portfolio for themselves.  This also acts as a phenomenal assessment starting the day kids walk into the art room.Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.46.08 PM.png

Each year, we draw these and we imagine the day in 5th grade when the kids will get them back (What will the world be like in 2021?). Current fifth graders remember thinking that we would drive flying cars in 2016. Not yet, huh!?

Here is an example of a student’s drawing from kindergarten to 5th grade. Isn’t the change remarkable?!


Here is another example of how one student’s drawings and ideas changed in ONE year!



So, where do you start?  Here is a FREE DOWNLOAD as a way to welcome you all.

Scared it is an organizational mess? Let me tell you, it is easy. Just make a large folder and put them in and rotate, year after year. Want to color code it like me? I will teach you in an upcoming post…stay tuned!

Email me if you want to have a rubric for drawing as well…..there are lots of ways to create expectations of what you are looking for at each particular grade level.



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