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The Art Room: The Happiest Place on Earth

  I always say that the art room is “the happiest place on earth….Forget Disney!”  While that is absurd (I haven’t been to Disney World since 1994 but I remember the magic), I really do try to create a place that is special to everyone. Of course art educators see the gamut of emotions, are… Continue reading The Art Room: The Happiest Place on Earth


Arts Advocacy Friday!

This AMAZING ARTICLE was given to me by a colleague this past week and it really inspired me. In San Bernadino’s Barton Elementary school, students are learning in exciting ways through the arts. “Each school is assigned a high-profile artist, musician or entertainer — Kerry Washington, Chuck Close, Yo-Ya Ma and Jason Mraz to name… Continue reading Arts Advocacy Friday!

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10 Steps to having an Amazing Art Show

10. Have students choose their own piece. This requires a lot of in class preparation. I remember my first couple years of teaching where I wouldn’t even want my kids to “waste” class time making portfolios. What a mistake! I adore seeing kids gather their work, be reflective about their experience this year in class,… Continue reading 10 Steps to having an Amazing Art Show